Love your Family

What Really


Our Campaign


We want every Smoke Alarm in the City of Woodbury to be Checked.

If the Alarm is over ten (10) years old, or if a date isn't indicated,

the Smoke Alarm needs to be augmented (a second alarm added) or simply replaced.


We are writing dates on our Smoke Alarms because we love our families.

If you can't afford a Smoke Alarm,
the Minnesota Region of the American Red Cross can provide a Smoke Alarm free of charge.




Interconnected Smoke Alarms
are BEST
 so when one alarm detects smoke, all the alarms sound the warning.

You should have a smoke alarm inside and outside every sleeping room and on every floor of your home.




1 in 1,442 is your lifetime odds of dying by fire(


For a family of Four (4), that lifetime chance for one member to die by fire 
drops to just 1 in 360.  In just ten (10) years, 1 out of 3 smoke alarms may not detect a fire, even if they sound when the test button is pressed.


Five (5) Household fires will occur in your home in your lifetime.


Two Minutes - Two Minutes is all the time you get to escape a home fire.  Do you want that full two minutes for your family.


Smoke kills.  The more warning you have, the greater your chance to escape.

Red Cross

Under $200


For just a nickle a day, under $200, you can add six (6) new, wireless, battery operated Smoke Alarms to whatever alarms you currently have.  They can also be interconnected with your existing wired Smoke Alarms.  A combination of alarm sensors, ionization and photoelectric, detect more fires faster. They can work with CO - Carbon Monoxide, alarms too, (which should be replaced sooner, just every 5 years).

If You Check the Dates

on your smoke alarms, 

Replacing any over ten (10) years old

please enter our drawing for a

free fire engine visit or ride in Woodbury

donated by Mr. Braun.  If replacing existing alarms is too difficult, new alarms can be added with an electrician.


Buy Your House a Present


When your home reached age ten (10) it deserves a present.  Buy your home that serves you so well the life saving gift of new, working interconneced smoke alarms.